Screw & Cap number plate fixing kit

Screw & Cap number plate fixing kit

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Screw & cap number plate fixing kit

Pack contains

- 6 x Screws

- 2 x Yellow Caps

- 2 x White Caps

- 2 x Black Caps

Why 6 screws? We know screws are small and can be lost so we put in an extra 2 just encase! 

Why choose us?


We only use the highest quality products to assemble and produce your registration plates. Whether you've opted for 4D acrylic, 3D Gel, shortened or standard you can rest assured your new number plates are of the highest quality money can buy.


Our team is dedicated to making sure you are receiving the right number plates for your needs. Whether you're looking for a "show plate" for your private garage, car show or man shed wall, or looking for a fully road legal number plate we're here to give you honest, good advice.


Just Number Plates is a sister company of Just Car Care, a company that has been trusted by many for over 6 years and has a dedicated team that are here to support you at all times. We've served the United Kingdom and further afield for many years in the detailing and valeting profession and now 3D Gel & 4D number plates.

Why blend in when you can stand out?

Our 3D Domed Gel & 4D Acrylic registration plates are perfect for helping you stand out from the crowd.